Your reliable source for quality chemicals in Europe
Ihre verlässliche Quelle für hochwertige Chemikalien in Europa
Your reliable source for quality chemicals in Europe

Amino Acid Derivatives
We are able to provide our customers with the most natural or unnatural amino acids, derivatized with any kind of protecting groups.

Advances in genomics and proteomics has led to increased utilization of peptides as primary lead compounds and target modulators.

Carbohydrates are important building blocks for the synthesis of glycoproteins. They play decisive roles in selective biological process as recognition signals and immunological determinants.

Building Blocks
Replacement of certain amino acid residues by small organic moieties (building blocks) or unnatural amino acids often leads to peptides with enhanced resistance to proteolysis.

Resins / Linkers / Reagents
Solid Phase Synthesis, whether of peptides or small organic molecules, is a modern and widely used technique. We provide resins and linkers for the Solid Phase Chemistry.